Boeing 1942 Stearman A75N1 (PT-17)
Two-owner aircraft since complete rebuild/restoration by Jim Kimball Enterprises in 1998

110 TT aircraft since rebuild/restoration and 5,630 TT aircraft
Annual February 2019
Prop Hamilton Standard Model: 2B20-317
No known damage history since rebuild/restoration
Excellent ownership history/care
Engine:  Lycoming 300 Model: R-680-13
110 TT E SMOH (since rebuild/restoration 1998)
Fuel – 46 Gallons

Avionics / Radios / Equipment:

Rear Cockpit:

Wet Compass
Airspeed indicator
Turn and Bank Indicator
Vertical Speed Indicator
Oil Temp/PSI Gauge
RPM/Tach Gauge
Manifold Pressure Gauge
Garmin 296
KY97A Transceiver
KT76C Transponder
Two-place intercom

Front Cockpit:

Wet Compass
Airspeed Indicator
Turn and Bank Indicator
Vertical Speed Indicator
Oil Temp/PSI Gauge
Manifold Pressure Gauge
RPM/Tach Gauge

Additional Equipment:

Navigation lights and strobe
Heavy duty steerable tailwheel from Dusters & Sprayers, Inc.
Many spare parts including extra Hamilton Standard Propeller, spare tires, original tail wheel assembly, wheel bearings, etc,
Two National backpack parachutes & two military style seat parachutes
Two leather flying helmets – each one with a Mic and Earphone
Complete 12 VDC electrical system with a Jasco Starter
Round faced BT-13 type wing-mounted fuel gauge
Air Repair red line brakes
Battery Minder 12 VDC charger Kit
Air Wolf oil filter
Full size fuselage storage compartment with lock

Aircraft Exterior:

Custom white with red and blue Navy markings
Finish – Stits fabric and dope with Amerfleet finish paint
Condition – 10

Aircraft Interior:

Standard with military bucket steel seats
Condition 9

Aircraft Status:

Offered at: $149,500

Verification of all details and specifications is the sole responsibility of buyer. Aircraft is subject to prior sale and/or removal from market.

Additional Pictures:

For additional information please contact:

Ralph Ragland
(713) 208-8822