2004 Ximango Model AMT-200S (also know as TG-14) is a two place side-by-side motor glider N37MQ #200-156

Note: This Ximango AMT-200 motor glider is U. S. certified in the utility category, has a manually retractable main landing gear, steerable tailwheel, three position variable full feathering propeller, spoilers on the wing’s upper surface and meets specifications for right seat pilot in command operation. The Ximango motor glider has an “I” beam spar with folding wings for efficient storage, “T” tail design and the removable winglets option. The fuselage is built with composite material, composed by fiberglass, carbon fiber and epoxy resin sandwiched over PVC foam. Built by Aeromot in Brazil, this aircraft configuration has been used by the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO for pilot training. Also, operated by NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center. Purchased through Ximango USA North America – Two-Owner Aircraft

216 hrs TT Airframe & 166 Engine
Annual February 2019
Engine: Certified Rotex 912S4 – 100 hp four – cylinder naturally aspirated air and water cooled engine
Prop Hoffmann full-feathering (three position) composite two-blade with manual cockpit controls
Wing-folding system with hinge fairings
Dual controls and brakes
Dual electronic ignition
Ducati 250 W alternator w/ Gill 7035-28 high capacity sealed 12 vdc battery (Gill G35S replacement)
Empty weight 1,367 lb, max takeoff weight 1,874 lb and Max glide ratio 31
No known damage history since new
Excellent two ownership history/care
Manual landing gear control

Avionics / Radios / Equipment:

Dynon Avionics – D10A EFIS
Apollo SL 40 Transceiver
Apollo SL 70 Transponder
Two-place Intercom System
Two Bose A20 Headsets
Hobbs Engine & Airframe Meter
RPM Gauge
Oil PSI/Temp Gauge
Amps/CHT Gauge
Fuel left & right Gauge
Wet Compass
Airspeed Indicator
Club Variometer SC-7
Pitot-static system
Slip indicator
Vertical Speed Indicator

Additional Equipment:

In addition to standard factory wing tips, optional high-performance winglets are included
Pilot/Co-pilot tow-brakes with adjustable length settings
Tinted canopy
Cockpit Aux power outlets
Battery charger port with Battery Minder 12 VDC charger kit Model 12248-AA-S5

Aircraft Exterior:

White with red and blue – Air Force Academy colors and markings
Exterior build from fiber glass and carbon fiber
Condition 9.5

Aircraft Interior:

Gray instrument panel
Black heavy duty cloth seats, 5-point harnesses
Baggage area – 22 lbs total
Condition 9.5

Aircraft Status:
Offered at: Call for Price
Verification of details and specifications is the sole responsibility of buyer. Aircraft subject to prior sale and/or removal from market.

Additional Pictures:

For additional information please contact:

Ralph Ragland
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